Volt All Electric Automatic Screen Printing Machines

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Volt S Screen Printing Machine

Print Area: 15” x 16”
6 stations/4 colors up to 12 stations/11 colors

Volt M Screen Printing Machine

Print Area: 16” x 18”
6 stations/4 colors up to 14 stations/12 colors

Volt L Screen Printing Machine

Print Area: 20” x 20”
6 stations/4 colors up to 20 stations/18 colors

Volt XL Screen Printing Machine

Print Area: 20” x 28”
8 stations/6 colors up to 20 stations/18 colors

Automatic VOLT — The Future of Screen Printing…TODAY

 The VOLT by Anatol is the only professional-grade electric automatic screen printing machine in the world. It gives you the speed, power and reliability of a screen printing press without the issues of a compressor or chiller. The VOLT uses reliable servo-driven indexers and servo lift to ensure years of reliable service without the downtime caused by leaks in tubing and the build-up of dirt and moisture. Anatol’s VOLT is energy-efficient, capable of cutting your electric bill in half compared to pneumatic automatic screen printing machines.It’s designed for maximum ease of use with a 15” touchscreen interface, one touch digital off-contact controls, tool-less stroke and micro registration adjustments, laser alignment system and Speed Clamps screen locks. Anatol offers VOLTs to benefit shops of all sizes, with four models: VOLT SVOLT MVOLT L and VOLT XL, in possible configurations of 6 stations/4 colors to 20 stations/18 colors.

VOLT Press Automatic Screen Printing Machines main features

Touchscreen Controls

  • 15” touchscreen with Aries 2 operating system
  • Easy operator access to all machine parameters
  • Program multiple heads simultaneously
  • Full speed control of both stroke directions
  • View real-time print count (dozen) and speed (pcs/hr)
  • Save all parameters of a stored job: off-contact, indexer speed, print head speed, print area, number of strokes, flash cure time and termperature, color design, mode
  • Set pallet preheat temperature
  • Quickly set the same speed and print distance for all heads

Print Heads

  • AC electric print heads for a stronger, more even stroke
  • Smash button at load/unload stations to prevent printing on empty pallets
  • Adjustable side screen holders with new low-profile for easy access
  • True three-point micro-registration (front-to-back, left-to-right, and rotational movement)

Tool-less Adjustment

  • Independent squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments with single-handed adjustments of 0º-30º, at increments of 5º
  • Digital central off-contact precisely adjusts all print stations simultaneously at a range of 0-3/8″ in increments of 0.01″
  • Squeegee/flood bar knobs with scale for user-friendly depth adjustments
  • Single lever quick-release squeegee and flood bars in print carriage
  • Speed Clamps, one-touch screen locks


  • Servo lift and lower for smooth operation
  • Rubber-coated aluminum pallets
  • Tool-less locks for slide or quick release-style pallets
  • Precise four-point pallet leveling system
  • Standard 16” x 22” (18” x 22” on Volt XL) pallets included
  • other sizes available upon request
  • Choice of slide style or quick release pallets


  • Precise control of pallet position +/- .001”
  • Provides smooth indexing with superior print consistency
  • Increase production with pinpoint control of acceleration and deceleration
  • Index direction: right and left
  • Programmed with Step-Back, Multi Step-Back, and Cycle-type indexing options


  • Heavy-duty rolled steel frame supports smooth, high speed production cycles
  • Ball-lead servo with internal lubrication system reduces vibration and maintenance costs
  • Industry’s best safety bars at each print head and load/unload station
  • Carousel safety barrier to prevent operators stepping into press
  • Servo-indexer lasts for decades

Laser Alignment System

  • Laser alignment system for quick and easy apparel alignment
  • Four independently-adjustable straight red lasers

Heads Up Feature

  • Heads Up standard on 5, 7 and 9 color presses
  • Last print head is hinged so it can be lifted out of the way, creating dedicated loading and unloading stations
  • Work faster with two operators, one loading and one unloading, when you don’t need the last print head

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