Understanding Winon Pad Printing System

Pad Printing Machine Strokes

125Single-color(Fixed worktable)WN-121
Double-color(Shuttle worktable)WN-121S
160Single-color(Fixed worktable)WN-122,WN-160A,WN-160AE
Double-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-123,WN-160AL,WN-160AEL,WN-129
Three-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-136,WN-130
Four0color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-118,WN-117
200Single-color(Fixed worktable)WN-126
Double-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-131
Four-color(Shuttle/Turmtable worktable)WN128,WN-127
Six-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-132L,WN-132
250Single-color(Fixed worktable)WN-161
Double-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-162
Five-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-165L,WN-165
Six-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-166
Eight-color(Fixed worktable)WN-168
300Sigle-color(Fixed worktable)WN-135
Double-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-139
Four-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-138,WN-137
Six-color(Shuttle/Turntable worktable)WN-133

Open Ink Well

Closed Ink Cup

Closed Ink Cup

Inkcup pad printer machine

Cliché front/back pad printer machine

Inkcup side-way pad printer machine

Common Initials

C Pad cleaning device

F Inkcup side-way structure

G Hot air blowing system

L Shuttle Worktable 

N Pad Independent Movement

P Pad shuttle structure

T Cliché front/back movement

X Increase the product height

R – Rotary worktable

CCleaning pad
Flnkcup side-way
GHot air system
LShuttle Worktable
NPad Independent movement
PPad side-way
/R#Rotary worktable
TCliche front/back movement
XIncrease the printing workpiece

Work Table Types

Multi-color shuttle worktable:

Housed by excellent alloy, driven by precise components, the shuttle worktable is suitable for multi-color(3-5) registration with its stable and precise performance.

Multi-color conveyor worktable with conveyor belt:

Housed by cast aluminum alloy, it’s solid and durable; precise slide rail and creative design guarantee two-color registration precision; 12-station worktable is powered by advanced components. The special conveying system and shock absorber guarantees machine’s high speed and stableness.

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