serilor®AS – ANTI-STATIC

Anti-static squeegee

serilor®AS : a special polyurethane blade helps to reduce static problems in screenprinting. Derived from High Resistant HR blade, serilor®AS squeegee is charged with a conductive additive specially formulated to improve electrical conductivity in PU.

Each serilor®AS screen printing squeegee blade is inspected for edge quality and profile.

Advantages & Applications

  • Maximum resistance to chemicals
  • Maximum resistance to abrasion
  • High environment stability (temperature, humidity)
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Individual package protects from light and dust
  • Individual batch and reference ink jet marking on blade
  • High test inspection for aspect defects
  • Up to 2500X more conductive than standard HR blades (TEST FIMOR)
  • High test inspection for aspect defects
  • Plastic substrates
  • Graphics specialities (electronics, industrial…)
  • Object / Container printing


Technical Data Sheet

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