The screen printing mesh professionals use

SEFAR PET 1500 is the popular mesh for virtually every screen printing application – large and small-format graphics, CDs, decorative tile designs, printed glass, sporting goods, textile printing, and other industrial tasks.


Stretching & Measuring

The progressive build-up of the clamping pressure and the lifting function of the SEFAR 3A stretching system enhances its perfor- mance by reducing the reject rate.

SEFAR Tensocheck 100

Digital tension measuring gauge

The SEFAR Tensoscheck 100 is a new mesh tension measuring gauge that operates electronically. It offers further interesting and useful features, coupled with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Digital display

The digits of the meausred values are 10 mm in size and covers the range of 4 to 60 N/cm. In addition, the reading direction is also the same as the measurement direction.


Width80 mm
Lenght95 mm
Height115 mm
Weight1,01 kg (including battery)
Battery9 V (6LR61)
Measuring range4 – 50 N/cm
Resolution0,2 N/cm (for the range < 30 N/cm)
0,5 N/cm (for the range > 30 N/cm)


Measurement range10 – 19,8 N/cm = +/- 0,4 N/cm
20 – 29,8 N/cm = +/- 0,6 N/cm
30 – 39,5 N/cm = +/- 1,0 N/cm
40 – 50,0 N/cm = +/- 1,5 N/cm

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