Screen Printing Presses

Manual Screen Printing Presses

Lightning Manual Screen Printing Press

Commercial-grade innovative design perfect for a starter press or small printing shops.

Maximum Screen Size 26″ x 36″
Maximum Print Area 21” x 28”
Available in configurations of:
4 stations/4 colors up to 8 stations/8 colors.

Thunder Manual Screen Printing Press

Available in configurations of 4 stations/4 colors – 12 stations/12 colors
Maximum Screen Size 26″ x 36″
Maximum Print Area 21″ x 28″

Specialty Automatic Presses

Prodigy Small Format Screen Printing Press

Maximum print area of 10” x 12”
Available in configurations of:
6 stations/2 colors – 8 stations/5 colors

Color Magic One Color Flatbed Press

The ultimate combination of speed, efficiency and quality in a one-color flatbed press.

Four models available, with a maximum print area of:
15″ x 26″, 25″ x 38″, 30″ x 41″ or 32”x46”

Automatic Heat Transfer Press

From shirts to jigsaw puzzles, this fully automated dual heat transfer press is ready for your most demanding projects.

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