Product Description

SEFAR® PET 1500 the most comprehensive range of screen printing mesh for an efficient and reproducible stencil production. It meets all the requirements for detail reproduction, homogeneity of face printing, print run consistency and registration accuracy in multi-color printing. The special SEFAR® PET 1500 surface treatment aims to improve adhesion, good
wettability and good antistatic properties. These features allow a high quality and efficient processing of all commercially available screen printing systems.


ƒ Ceramics
ƒ Glass
ƒ Plastic and packaging
ƒ Electronics
ƒ Graphics
ƒ Textiles

Mesh propertiesTechnical data*Unit
Yarn materialHigh modulus polyesterPET
Color of meshWhite / YellowW / Y
Weave1:1 / 2:2, 2:1PW / TW

Scope of product range (Minimum to maximum values)

Mesh count10 (25)190 (480)cm-1 (inch-1)
Tol. of mesh count1 (3)5 (13)cm-1 (inch-1)
Thread diameter nominal**27260Ø in μm
Mesh opening16739μm
Mesh thickness42498μm
Tol. of mesh thickness235μm
Open area968%
Theoretical ink volume5272cm3/m2

Stress-strain characteristics

Chart 1 shows the stress-strain behavior of virgin mesh (Size: 20 cm x 5 cm).
The test is performed according to ISO 13934-1 and is evaluated according to DIN 53804

Stress-strain characteristics
  • Good resistance to chemicals & abrasion
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Sharpens easy
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • High environment stability
  • Individual package and batch
  • Graphics multi-purpose
  • Textile printing
  • Manual or automatic equipment use

Guaranteed tension values

Chart 2 shows the max. guaranteed tension values for a frame size of 1 m x
1 m, slope profile 50/40 mm x 38 mm x 3.2/2.0 mm). For larger frame and
stretching sizes, the guaranteed tension value must be reduced by approximately 4 % for each 0.5 m additional side length.

UV-light undercutting protection

The yellow dyed SEFAR® PET 1500 mesh absorbs the incident UV-A radiation,
thus enabling extremely sharp-edged stencil copies.

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