Leak Tester 740

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The 740 leak tester machine has been specially designed to detect very small holes (down to 0.2 mm) on any shaped containers (Bottle/Jerry cans, etc.) without complex adjustment of the machine regarding the test (pressure, timing). Possibly the most modern and easy to use leak tester in the market using pressure differential sensor.

Featuring universal application with capability to test small containers around 50ml up to Jerry cans of 5 liters size, the PLC fully self adjusting so that no test parameters are needed from one container size to another, very short testing time thanks to its unique testing method which allows an output up to 2000 containers per hour, digital readouts for amount of tested and rejected bottles.

Dimensions : 2000 X 660 X 1430 mm

Object Dimension

Max height 40-450 mm

Diameter of neck 20-60 mmMax. Diameter (or width) 160 mm

Detectable hole size 0.2 mm

Conveyor speed 0-17 m/min

Test Cycle time 1.3-3.5 sec

Output 1000-2200 Pcs/h

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