Infrared Shuttle Flash Cure Unit


Consistent heating in an affordable package.

Available in two sizes with a curing area of 16″ x 16″ or 18″ x 20″


The Infrared Shuttle flash cure unit is an affordable alternative to quartz flash cures. Radiant infrared panels offer consistent heat throughout the production run. The Infrared Shuttle flash dryer mounts onto the print head of Anatol automatic presses and uses the stroke movement to provide even curing for substrates of all sizes. The Infrared Shuttle can also be mounted on a stand for use with manual or non-Anatol automatic screen printing presses.

Touchscreen Controls

  • Digital percentage temperature controls
  • Operation indicator light

Heating System

  • Infrared panels


  • Heavy-duty steel stand optional
  • Fully insulated panel guard to contain heat


Stand is available for use with non-Anatol presses.


Model #SizeSingle Phase
Electrical Requirements
Three Phase
Electrical Requirements
INFSHU-16×1616″ x 16″
41cm x 41cm
208V 14 AMPS, 2,740 WN/A
INFSHU-18×2018″ x 20″
46cm x 51cm
208V 20 AMPS, 4,000 WN/A
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