Flash Cure Units

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Quartz flash for heat-sensitive garments

Models available with 16” x 18” and 20” x 28” curing areas.

Infrared Shuttle Flash Cure Unit

Consistent heating in an affordable package.

Available in two sizes with a curing area of 16″ x 16″ or 18″ x 20″

Rapid Wave Flash Cure Unit

Fast flash curing saves energy and keeps production high.

Available in five sizes with a cure area of 16” x 16” up to 30” x 40”

Pilot Flash Cure Unit

Precise control over efficient flash curing for even your biggest prints.

Available in three sizes with a cure area of 20”, 30”, or 40”

A screen printing flash cure unit is a vital piece of equipment for producing crisp, clear images using many screen printing techniques including printing on dark colors, printing complex designs, or using a Step Back or Cycle program. Our reliable infrared and quartz flash cure units are designed for flash drying t-shirts, as well as other textiles and substrates, quickly and efficiently. Anatol manufactures screen printing flash cure units for use with both manual and automatic screen printing presses.

Our selection of flash cure units includes models that can be controlled directly from your automatic press’s touchscreen, and our Rapid Wave quartz flashes are available with temperature sensors to take the guesswork out of achieving the proper curing temperature. We offer flash cures that can either be mounted directly in the print head of your screen printing press or on mobile stands, ensuring you have the flexibility to cure your prints the way you want. Whether you choose a flash cure unit with infrared or quartz heating elements, all of our screen printing flash cure units are designed to give you fast, even curing across the whole surface of your printed image, even on large format substrates. If you’re not sure what model is the best choice for your screen printing requirements, we’d be happy to discuss your options.

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