Automatic multi colors pail printing machine

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The  automatic multi colors pail printing machine.

This machine has been designed to satisfy our customers wanting to print pails/buckets up to 20 liters in size with up to 4 colors

Using UV technology, our pail printer allows to print multi colors jobs with intermediary drying in only one pass (from 1 to 4 printing modules can be linked together) at a high printing speed (up to 1200 pails/hr).

It is built with a modular conception to allow future expansion as well as easy assembly/disassembly and installation at the customer’s site.

Machine weight

1st station3000 kg
Intermediary station2000 kg

Dimensions :

Width :                               1500 mm
Height :                               1900 mm
Approx length/module :  2680 mm per color + 1445


Buckets dimensions

Minimum diameter 150 mm
Maximum diameter340 mm
Maximum conicity angle 5 degrees
Maximum printing length1070 mm
Minimum height130 mm
Maximum height380 mm

Printing speed

Up to 1 200 cycles/hr depending on object dimensions,material and ink.

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