ARME: Anatol Registration Made Easy

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User-friendly registration system compatible with all Anatol automatic and manual presses*

Available in 6 configurations for screen sizes of:
20″x24″, 21″x28″, 23″x31″, 23″x33″, 25″x36″ and 26″x36″


Anatol’s ARME (Anatol Registration Made Easy) registration system was created to help screen printers save time and improve accuracy during registration, both on your exposure unit and on your press.

Simply align your film positives and screens on your light table or exposure unit using the master frame, then expose your screens. Next, align your screens on press using the guide pallet, which replicates the registration points on the master frame to ensure your screens are registered correctly for printing. In addition to being easy to use, ARME registration systems are durable, affordable, and a huge value to screen printers looking to reduce setup times and maintain consistently high print quality.

ARME systems are compatible with all Anatol manual and automatic presses* and a wide variety of screen sizes.

Each system includes:

  • Aluminum guide pallet (x1)
  • Steel master frame (x1)
  • Metal pin bars (x2)
  • Master grid sheet (x1)
  • 8.5″ x 20″ carrier sheets (x25)
  • 11.5″ x 20″ carrier sheets (x25)

*Not including Color Magic graphic flatbed press and Prodigy tag printer


ModelFor screen sizes:Master frame dimensions
ARME-202420″ x 24″ (51cm x 61cm)25″ x 29″ (64cm x 74cm)
ARME-212821” x 28” (53cm x 71cm)26” x 33” (66cm x 84cm)
ARME-233123” x 31” (58cm x 79cm)28” x 38” (71cm x 97cm)
ARME-233323” x 33” (58cm x 84cm)28” x 38” (71cm x 97cm)
ARME-253625” x 36” (64cm x 91cm)30” x 41” (76cm x 104cm)
ARME-263626” x 36” (66cm x 91cm)31” x 41” (79cm x 104cm)

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