Problems we solved

Our missions are to solve the 4U problems (Un-workable/ Un-avoidable/ Under-served/ Urgent) in the technical printing applications on the industrial products in Vietnam. And here are a few of our areas of achievements in the past year:

problems: ink adhesion on TPE and current inks dry too quick

solutions: offered TP273/T ink and retarder VZ35 and moved the printing area to a controlled environment

problems: adhesion on the substrates + printing quality + light fastness

solutions: training on printing parameters + supplying Coates ZMN inks + Dubuit CNC4C

problems: new facility in VN, no experience in pad printing, mostly open tray pad printing machines

solutions: trained the parameters, supplied TP300 with slow thinner VD60 & Winon machines

problems: no adhesion on silicone rubber

solutions: TP253L from Coates, a very deep etched cliche, and multiple hits

problems: no other suppliers to consult the economic full solution

solutions: Winon WN-118, Coates TP300 and Rooms/layout design and whole set of equipment

problems: pinholes

solutions: training of the techniques & parameters, supplying inks & silicone pads

Chrome Plated Plastic

problems: adhesion

solutions: TP300 with surface additives passed cross-hatched & 200 abrasion cyclces

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