About Coates

With a global product base, world distribution and extensive technical resources, Coates Screen is the world choice…. the chosen supplier for products and services for screen and high technology graphics. Global products, global standards, global responsibilities – Coates Screen recognises that today’s printers and manufacturers operate in an increasingly global environment. Coates Screen’s answer is to provide world-class products and services locally, through a networks of Coates locations Coates Screen is part of the Coates Group, which includes Coates Electrographics and Coates Lorilleux. With annual sales exceeding $1 billion, the Group is one of the largest suppliers of consumables and equipment to the graphics industries.


Worldwide, there are over 40 Coates Screen operations, serving national and regional markets. In addition to this network of technical support and sales locations, Coates Screen has three major research, technical development and manufacturing sites – in the USA, in Germany and in the UK. These benefit from close liaison with the Coates Group’s extensive Central Research facilities in the UK. Their role is specific; to both anticipate and continually respond to world product requirements. Coates Screen’s strength is evident from the breadth of its product package, which extends from ink and colour management, through screen printing supplies, to a comprehensive range of advisory and support services. This strength is as much the result of Coates’ technical skills as its vision to discern current requirements and future trends and to constantly innovate to meet customer needs, today, tomorrow and into the future. It is perhaps most evident in today’s ‘hi-tech’ applications, where the demanding automotive, medical and electronics industries turn to Coates Screen as their No.1 supplier. Coates Screen also leads the field in the printing of glass, CD’s and roll labels, where requirements are exacting and specific. Elsewhere, in traditional fields such as graphics, Coates Screen’s achievements have broadened horizons from display printers, particularly in 4-colour process printing. Coates is not, however, content to rest in its laurels in the screen industry. It is committed to the graphic arts as a whole. Consequently, Coates now leads the way in emerging digital print technologies, and in pad printing. Similarly, in industrial applications such as bottle and container print, as well as in textile and promotional print, Coates Screen leads in performance and support. Coates Screen, product development runs alongside evaluation of mesh types and screen making materials. Their relationship has always been key to ink performance. As a result, Coates Screen brings the best in mesh, chemicals and other materials to the print equation; completing the service – and the job. At Coates Screen, we differentiate ourselves by commitment and care. We build our customer relationships to suit, and these can extend from simple supply arrangements to formalised partnerships. Worldwide, we provide much more than the basic requirements of technical service and product development. We offer a comprehensive package of customer support, from assistance in attaining compliance with environmental and health and safety legislative standards, to the installation of sophisticated print equipment and management systems. We work closely with parallel suppliers throughout the world to optimise screen performance. We have a close alliance with machinery manufacturers, for example, and the producers of mesh and stencil products. Our main aim is to broaden screen printing’s capabilities, constantly developing new concepts to provide improved levels of quality and value.


We also work closely with a range of national and international agencies to champion the screen printing industry on a broad front. In this way, we help train the screen printers of the future, and support the industry’s interests at local, national and international levels We aim to be a world class manufacturer of environmentally responsible, speciality products offering our customers continually improving levels of quality and service.


1. Customer Partnership We aim to develop long-term partnerships with our customers. Only by understanding our customers’ requirements will we be able to meet their needs without exception and share the benefits of continued growth and profits. Meeting customer needs will be the constant goal of all employees.

2. People & Teamwork We believe in participative management and open communication which together with individual and corporate integrity, creates a working environment that encourages involvement and teamwork.

3. Advanced Technology We are committed to technical innovation and believe in the value of well trained people in all functions.

4. World Class We aim to produce and distribute world class products which are recognised as such by informed customers and competitors in our chosen field.

5. Responsibility We accept that corporately and as individuals we have a responsibility toward the community, the environment and each other and will endeavour always to act accordingly.

6. Quality Improvement We believe in continuously quality improvement by everyone, of everything we do.

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