2 Component Pad Printing Inks


Ink system TP 218 exhibits high mechanical and chemical resistances.
Thermoplastics, especially pre-treated polyolefines (PP, PE), PMMA, polyamide (PA), cellulose acetate, various duroplastics as well as metal and coated surfaces
USP Medical Class VI.


Special ink system for processing as screen and as pad printing ink system.For printing of materials made of silicone rubber such as bathing caps, wristbands, keypads, etc.


For glass, ceramics, duroplastics, metals as well as chromium and nickel-plated, gold-plated or rhodium coated surfaces


For pre-treated polyolefines (PP/ PE), chromium-plated surfaces, coated surfaces, various thermoplastics such as PMMA, ABS and duroplastics.
Ink system TP 307 shows a very high light and weather fastness and good chemical resistances.
do not contain BPA, aromatics, PAH, butyl glycolate, cyclohexanone.


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